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The technology of Vacuum Casting rely on prototype (rapid prototype, sample, part ect.)to product silica gel module and duplicate under the vacuum state .This technology can apply to change the prototype materials, assembly prototype or small batch production to meet function test, marketing, approval, and other needs during process of developing product.

Our factory have large and medium-sized vacuum machine, a small-scale production of plastic sample can be produced rapidly with silica gel or resin mould. The input of silica gel or resins modules is far below industrial equipment input of copper modules. It greatly shortens the testing cycle and reduces the risk of product developing investment, thus greatly enhancing the competitiveness of customers.


Applicable mould Silicon mold(10-20), resin mould(>=100)
Pouring materials  PU
Date Per part
Copy precision


Sample thickness min 0.5mm, the best for 1.5mm~5mm
Biggest pouring sample 


Physical property






• Small batch production, typically 15 – 30 parts per tool.
• Wide array of colour and surface finishes can be achieved.
• Range of physical properties available.
• Range of surface finishes and textures.